Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What’s Happening?

It’s been an eventful past few weeks around here.

On February 28, my daughter, son-in-law, and I closed on the joint purchase of the house I’ve been renting since moving from Las Vegas back to Wisconsin in November 2012.

Four hours later, my daughter’s home, where my youngest son and grandson were living, burned to the ground. My son barely escaped with his life. Had it not been for his dog, Murphy, Kevin wouldn’t have gotten out. My grandson was not at home at the time. Kevin escaped through the window in his bedroom (he was asleep because he wasn’t feeling well) and received some deep lacerations to his feet, arms and abdomen. Murphy, the dog, did not survive.

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Kevin is fine now, but he and his son lost everything. My daughter and son-in-law, who had been in the process of moving in here, lost much, but not everything. Fortunately the things not already moved here were in storage.

Right now, my son and grandson are living here with us in a partially finished basement.

God is good! God is merciful! Thank God for His love and protection. His mercies endure forever.

In January I singed a contract with Helping Hands Press to write a short-story for a new Kathi Macias series called Summer in Sweetland.

Sweetland is Anywhere, USA. There are eight authors involved and the series begins around Mother’s Day and culminates in a big event on Labor Day.

The authors are (in order of release):

  • Anne Baxter Campbell, releases April 3
  • Diane Huff Pitts, releases April 24
  • Sue Badeau, releases May 15
  • Me (Peggy Blann Phifer), releases July 5
  • Karen Kosman, releases June 25
  • Karen Gass, releases July 17
  • Linda Gilden, releases August 7
  • Kathi Macias. releases August 28

The fun thing about this is that we each will tell our own story, create our own characters, over the summer months, all in the same small town. We can play off each other’s story, or not. The idea is to make our stories come together in something special that happens at the city park on Labor Day. Kathi Macias gets the humongous job of meshing them all together at the end in her story.

I’m excited about this series! I have my character, part of a plot idea, and have drafted out 900 works toward a goal of 8.000.

Here’s a banner for the series but it needs some changes. Both mine and Diane’s pen names are incorrect. But the picture and design are beautiful. When I get the revised banner I’ll post it here.


This is my second contract with Helping Hands Press. I did a short-story for Kathi Macias’ 12 Days of Christmas, where 12 authors wrote a short-story focused on just one single day for the 12 days before Christmas. You can check out my story, Best Laid Plans, on Amazon HERE. All twelve stories will soon be compiled into a single paperback. And that’s exciting, too!

Again, God is Great! God is Good. God is Merciful.

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  1. My friend, Lucy, who has trouble leaving comments, wrote this:

    "wow- what a message of God's guidance even through tragedy... Praise Him."

    I wanted to share.


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