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Lip Reading by Harry Kraus | CFBA Blog Tour

This week, the
Christian Fiction Blog Alliance
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Lip Reading
David C. Cook (March 1, 2014)
Harry Kraus


A Word from Harry:

I started writing my first novel during my last year of surgery training at UK. I was a chief resident, and started writing Stainless Steal Hearts in a call room at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Lexington. It was a crazy time to write! I had a very demanding schedule, often spending days and nights in the hospital. I had two sons at that time, and I recognized the wisdom in my wife's urging: "Now doesn't seem the right time for this dream."

My experience as a writer is far from typical. Having received my formal training in biology and chemistry and medicine, my only preparation for a writing career was a love for reading. The longest thing I'd written before my first novel was a term paper in undergraduate school. My first novel was accepted by Crossway Books and published in 1994, and it wasn't until after I had FOUR published novels that I even opened a book of instruction about the craft of writing fiction. This is not what I recommend to others! Yes, I was successful, but I was bending the "rules" without knowing it. I had a natural talent for plotting, but I realize my initial success may have stunted my growth as a writer. I'd have made faster progress if I'd have gone to the fiction teachers sooner.

I have three sons: Joel, Evan, and Samuel. Look closely in all of my books and you'll see them there. My lovely wife, Kris, provides the basic composition for all those beautiful, athletic, dedicated women in my novels.


She Could Save Millions, or Save Herself

She just needs a little longer. She’s really close. Dr. Rebecca Jackson, a medical researcher, stands on the verge of a breakthrough that will transform medicine. But she soon discovers the reason behind the miraculous progress in her research, and it leaves her with a nearly impossible choice . . . and little time to decide. More than her research is at stake. And more threatens it than this latest revelation. Something she’s tried hard to cover up. There is a high cost to some things in medicine and it’s not always the patient who pays. Can Rebecca find the faith and wisdom she needs to make the right call? The clock is ticking and the pressure is on.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Lip Reading, go HERE.

Buy the book HERE

Harry can be reached through the Contact link on his Website

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Permanent Resident at the Purse Table, a COTT Feature

“Keisha’s debut novel is a sweet reminder of the redeeming power of love, along with a dose of drama between good friends! Her characters are so relatable because they’re imperfect people who’ve made some serious mistakes—just like the rest of us!”
-Michelle Stimpson,nNational Bestselling Author

About the book:
If you’re size six, you dance. If you’re Ava Alexander, you watch the purses while your girlfriends dance. Each man that passes her by takes a little of her self-esteem. After escaping a mentally abusive relationship, she promises God she will wait on Him to bring her the right man. And she means it—Until Ishmael. When her best friend’s fiancĂ© throws a few compliments her way, she travels down the path of betrayal. Ava’s choice strains her friendship and sends her into a depression.
Ava receives spiritual guidance from Dr. Glory Moses. Through God’s Word, there is a glimpse of hope for a restored friendship, and a newfound love for the woman she is. In addition, a man she meets at the counseling center offers her a glimpse of what could be if she lines up with God’s will for her life.
Will Ava be able to overcome her insecurities and step into the life God plans for her, or will she continue to self-destruct?

What COTT voters had to say:
* I'm happy to see a novel with a plus-sized woman as the main character. Thanks, Keisha!
* I voted for Permanent Resident at the Purse Table!! Good luck Keisha!
* Permanent Resident at the Purse Table!! You won't be able to put it down!
* Keisha Bass, Your book sounds like a must-read! We've all sought validation in a way that brought trouble. Can't wait to see how all turns out! Lana K.
About the author:
Keisha Bass has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a minor in English and holds teaching certificates in
English, Speech, and Physical Education. She has been a teacher and coach for fourteen years, and currently teaches middle school physical education and coach girls’ volleyball and softball. She grew up in Houston, Texas, but now resides in Arlington, Texas. Keisha is also Vice President of the DFW Ready Writers, a local chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers, and a member of North Texas Christian Writers.
Permanent Resident at the Purse Table is Keisha’s first novel. She has published non-fiction articles in magazines and two online publications, and Her article, “Heart Problems”, was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles.

Keisha, when is your next book due out and can you tell us about it?
"My next book, Permanent Resident at the Altar, is due out November 2015. It takes a closer look at my main characters’ lives from the first book and how they are moving forward in their newfound situations. There’s drama, laughter, and definitely more chances to learn how to lean on God in every area of their lives."

Connect with Keisha:
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The Beast's Enchantress | Elizabeth Kitchens | Freelance Friday

Hi, everybody! It’s time for another


Our guest this week is author Elizabeth Kitchens.

Welcome, Elizabeth! Help our readers get to know you.

 Why do you write?

I love tales of noble heroes and heroines and happily-ever-after's, daydream a lot, and love to write, so what else could I do but write? Even though I love it, writing is hard work; sometimes I need all the encouragement I can get to keep typing. The monetary incentive, the praise of readers, and the knowledge that we need more stories of godly men and women helps me keep going on those tough days, but sometimes it’s just the feeling that I have an awesome story that needs to get out and be read that makes me sit down at the computer.

What's on your nightstand?

My nightstand is actually at the foot of my bed due to space limitations, so it doesn’t hold the usual stuff. I have three antique-looking decorative storage boxes (stacked boxes that say “Faith,” “Hope,” and “Love”), a vase with white roses and lilacs (some purple for you, Peg), and a Ty classic teddy bear named Winthrop.

Wow, thanks for the purple salute, Elizabeth. I love lilacs, both their color as well as their fragrance. Next question: Why did you decide to self-publish?

A little over a year ago, I wrote “The End” for my fairy tale about the enchantress from Beauty and the Beast. I took the manuscript to a conference and sent queries to agents, but no one was interested. Granted, I only used about half of the oft-cited 30-odd tries to get an agent or editor, but I was impatient. My friends were asking when they could read it, and, to be honest, I wanted to give all the self-pubbing/marketing stuff I’d been reading about a try. I was hankering to try my hand at cover design too. I had also applied to a doctoral program; book contracts and editing deadlines do not look appealing when viewed from the perspective of a graduate student. I prayed about traditional vs. independent publishing, and things seemed to point to the latter. That was a prick to my pride, but as a wise friend said, “It’s not the only book you’ll write.” She believed I would finish more books! And that they could catch a publisher’s attention. That settled it. I am now an indie author with a published book—The Beast’s Enchantress.

Are you a plotter or pantser?

Hmmm. This is a tough question. I think of myself as a connect-the-dotser. I usually start with a general idea, or a character I want to redeem, and a few major scenes. Then I sit down and write to see how the story gets from one “dot” to the next. So, I plot some, but fly by the seat of my pants some as well.

Coffee or tea?

Tea, though I’m not a big fan of it. I don’t like black tea at all, but I am trying to develop a taste for the flavored green teas.

Money being no object, where would be your dream writing getaway?

A cottage in Scotland.

Oh, that sounds wonderful. I’d love to go to Scotland.What is your favorite marketing task that has resulted in a sale/sales?

Well, my favorite “marketing” task would be my Pinterest board, but I don’t know that it’s resulted in any sales. Posting on Facebook and having my friends share my book’s link has resulted in sales.


TTBE_Cover_Fronthe Beast’s Enchantress

Never tamper with a magic mirror…

Enchantress Lady Alexandria Floraison disapproves of her sister’s attachment to a shy, plain young man. Piqued by the handsome Prince Giles’s attempts to promote the match, Alexandria orders a magic mirror to lie about the young man’s faithfulness to her sister.

But misusing a magic mirror comes at a price. Alexandria is cursed to be a hag and banished. Part of her punishment is to cast a spell on a cruel prince to teach him love and kindness, lessons she is learning in her own punishment. The spell leaves her powerless and vulnerable to those who would steal her wand, which she must have if she ever hopes to return home. When the spell on the prince breaks, the enchantment will return to the wand, and she might be able to use that power to return home. Yet, is the key to the end of her punishment the power of enchantment? Or is it something more? Perhaps something to do with the mysterious woodsman who’s been looking after her since she enchanted the prince?

The Beast’s Enchantress is the tale of the enchantress from Beauty and the Beast.


EKitchens_Photo_2014Elizabeth Jane Kitchens loves tales of romance, adventure, and happily-ever-afters and strives to write such tales herself. When she’s not thinking about dashing heroes or how awesome bacteria are—she is a microbiologist after all—she’s probably photographing flowers, telling people she’s crocheting not knitting, or talking about classic books and black-and-white movies. Elizabeth is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She lives in the beautiful, green South.

Buy from Amazon

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Elizabeth, thank you so much for sharing of yourself, your book, and your time. It’s been a delight to have you here as part of Freelance Friday.

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Have you noticed anything?

I’ve changed the banner heading. And a few other things in the sidebars that you probably won’t notice.


Because this is going to become my main website over time. Not only will it be my Whispers in Purple blog, but it will be my author site and personal site. Maybe even another, more personal blog.

Whispers in Purple will continue to spotlight authors and writers, book tours, and so on. I’ll also begin posting reviews of books I’ve read and/or am reading.

Kind of a ‘one-size-fits-all” place to be. It just makes sense.

Somehow my domain has become inaccessible. I can’t get to it to edit it. No idea what’s going on there, but switching to Blogger (actually it’s Google)  as a host, as I said, just makes sense. Besides, I own the domain.

So, watch for gradual changes—hopefully not too jarring.

And, as always, thank you for your faithful support.

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Escape to Ireland in "Londonderry Dreaming"

"If you need one of those “Ahh…” moments, consider taking a trip with Keith and Naomi and read Londonderry Dreaming"
--Sandy Ardoin, Romance Author and Blogger

About Londonderry Dreaming:
Acclaimed New York artist, Naomi Boyd, and music therapist, Keith Wilson, loved one another five years ago, until her grandfather with his influence over Naomi separated them.

That root of bitterness keeps them apart until a letter from Keith’s grandmother, Ruth, draws Naomi to Londonderry to find she’s too late. Ruth has passed on. After the death of his beloved grandmother, Keith has also come to Londonderry only to open the door to his past…Naomi...beautiful as ever, the girl who broke his heart.

A mysterious painting in Ruth’s attic brings up questions about their grandparents’ entwined past and their own broken romance. But more comfortable with the unspoken languages of art and music, Naomi and Keith find it difficult to share their old hurts and true feelings.

Will the majestic coastline of Northern Ireland inspire them to speak the words to bring peace to their grandparents’ memory and to rekindle love?


What COTT voters had to say:
* Christine, I am glad to see that you have given your talents to the age old problem of "family feuds" which can go for generations and young ones don't know what the feud is all about. I am sure that the 'attic painting' will be a puzzle too good to put down. Maggie
* I am such a fan of Christine's and love her novels!
* Londonderry Dreaming - Have thoroughly enjoyed this new author, Christine Lindsay's books. Anxiously waiting for the release of her 3rd book in the trilogy The Twilight of the British Raj. Brenda C.
* I've just finished reading Londonderry Dreaming, and it is definitely my choice. Christine Lindsay is an extraordinary writer!
* Simply put, I am a fan of Christine Lindsay's writing and I haven't read the others' work. I know what to expect and I know I'll be delighted!
* I've loved all of Christine's books. This one will be no different!

About Christine:
Christine Lindsay was born in Ireland, and is proud of the fact that she was once patted on the head by Prince Philip when she was a baby. Her great grandfather, and her grandfather—yes father and son—were both riveters on the building of the Titanic. Tongue in cheek, Christine states that as a family they accept no responsibility for the sinking of that great ship.
It was stories of her ancestors who served in the British Cavalry in Colonial India that inspired her Multi-Shadowed in Silk, Book 2 Captured by Moonlight, and Christine is currently writing the final installment of that series called Veiled at Midnight to be released August 2014.
award-winning, historical series Twilight of the British Raj. Book 1
Londonderry Dreaming, Christine’s romance novella set in N. Ireland released Feb. 21, 2014.
Aside from being a busy writer and speaker, Christine is also VP of Christian Authors’ Network. She makes her home in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada with her husband and their grown up family. Her cat Scottie is chief editor on all Christine’s books.

Christine, we hear you had a lot of fun writing the Irish brogue into your book.
"I really hope readers enjoy this humorous aspect, especially the dialogue from the fictional 'Irish cousins'. I was born in Ireland and raised in Canada, but all my extended family is Irish---so I know how they talk and think. Much of what the Irish cousins say in the book is what I have heard my cousins say when they tease each other.  I get such a kick out of their I love their blarney."

Connect with Christine:

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The Face Behind the Veil | Flora Reigada | Freelance Friday



Hi, there, Purple Whisperers. Yes, it’s another Freelance Friday where the focus is on “indie” authors . . . those who have published their works outside the traditional publishing route. The eBook, and Indie revolution is gaining ground. That’s why I though it would be great exposure for Whispers in Purple to turn the spotlight on these adventurous, and courageous, writers who have chosen to take this path.

Today, please welcome author Flora Reigada.

Flora, welcome! Tell us a bit about yourself. 

Why do you write?

I believe it is a calling God programmed into my spiritual DNA. Stories and scenarios are always swirling around my brain.

What's on your nightstand?

In addition to the usual, such as a lamp and a book I'm reading, there is a pad and pen. I keep them there to record dreams and impressions God may reveal, before the cares of the day settle over me like thick fog. This obscures my spiritual vision and sensitivity. In my upcoming women's devotional, "Where Your Heart Meets God's," I write about this sensitivity and how we may attune it to God's whispers.

Why did you decide to self publish?

I self-published "The Face Behind the Veil" because my true-to-life initially unsaved characters couldn't find a place in Christian publishing. Conversely, the Gospel with which they are presented throughout the book, was too "religious" for secular publishing. Caught between these two "worlds," I published-on-demand with Author House.

Are you a plotter or pantser?

I'm a combination of both. While I plot story lines, characters and settings, these have a way of taking on lives of their own and veering off the trodden path.

Coffee or tea?

I'm drinking a cup of black coffee as I write this. Need I say more?

Money being no object, where would be your dream writing getaway?

I would take a sightseeing train trip across the United States and back. Naturally, I would have deluxe accommodations in my own cabin, with all my meals prepared and served to me. As my body is restored through rest and my spirit inspired by the beauty of God's creation, the words would flow. (I often travel via Amtrak between Florida and New York, and the food in the dining car is delicious. Unfortunately, I travel coach, but I do allow myself one meal in the dining car.) I have always wanted to travel first class and enjoy the amenities. That is what I would do on the "writing trip of my dreams."

What is your favorite marketing task that has resulted in a sale/sales?

Even with modern technology, such as the internet and facebook, I have sold more books by renting tables at local events and offering books for sale. Old-fashioned face-to-face contact has worked best for me.

About Flora’s book: The Face Behind the Veil


In ancient Israel, only high priests were allowed through the veil into the "Holy of Holies" of the temple. Thousands of years later, this legacy continues with a baby girl. As the Great Depression looms, Naomi is born with the legendary "birth veil" over her face. In those superstitious times, many believed this was the mark of a prophet. But what would "the veil" really mean to Naomi and how does it impact us today? And who is the mysterious visitor only little Naomi can see? Part the curtains of time with Naomi, then her daughter and granddaughter, as each discovers the hidden secrets of the veil.     purpleberries_divider

On a personal level, I am a wife, mother and grandmother.  In addition to writing, I enjoy reading and photography, as well as preparing (but IMG_0349-FloraReigada-HeadShotespecially eating) the delicious Hispanic cuisine as taught by my Latino in-laws.

On a professional level, for twenty years I wrote local news for the Florida Today and other newspapers, such as the North Brevard Beacon, Space Coast Express and Senior Life, for which I continue to write.  My books and articles have been widely published in major inspirational venues, including Guideposts and LifeWay Christian Resources.

Oh yes, did I say I love cats?


Links to The Face Behind The Veil are as follows:

Flora’s email address:

purpleberries_divider Thank you so much, Flora, for visiting my blog and sharing your book here on Freelance Friday.

I have to admit this story and it’s legend has me very intrigued. Flora gifted me with a free copy of her print book a few years ago. Yet, with my aging eyesight and inability to read most print books, I never got around to reading it.

A few weeks ago I bought and downloaded the eBook version for my Kindle. I am eager to start reading! Right after I meet three near-simultaneous deadlines.

I hope this interview with Flora and a peek into the book will pique your interest, too.

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Let There Be Peace on Earth

Let There Be Peace on Earth, by Lucy Neeley Adams©

Our troubled world longs for peace. We are bombarded with reports of violence in towns and homes.  Our hearts are broken  and we ask, "What can I do about it?"  Often there are wonderful meetings of peace loving people who join their hearts and prayers to understand this deep need.  I praise God for them.

         But what of the people who can't attend these gatherings?  All of us need encouragement and hope for peace in our troubled world.  At times the best that can happen is that each individual seek peace in their troubled heart. This is what happened to an amazing woman of faith some years ago..

     Songwriter, Jill Jackson, wrote her answer to that question in the song, "Let There Be Peace On Earth." As she wrote the phrase, "let peace begin with me", that was her personal solution, regardless of the world situation.  Those words are the theme for the entire song.

     Jackson wrote her thoughts in poetic form in 1955.  She had just come through severe depression and had tried to take her own life.  Through months of recovery, she found a new purpose for living.   It came while listening to a sermon on radio. The preacher's text was based on John 14:27 in which Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you.  My peace I give to you."

  Jill Jackson's heart responded to the invitation to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior.  In her weakened condition she said, "If I live, I will put my life completely in God's hands.  If I live, it will not be as the self-absorbed and tormented woman I have become.  I will try to be a window glass through which the light can shine."

    God's light shone in power as she wrote the words about her own desire for inner peace which she prayed would spread into the world. The lilting melody was composed by her husband, Sy Miller who worked for Jan-Lee Music in California.

   In the 1960s it was chosen as the theme song for UNICEF.  It's popularity carried it throughout the world. All ages and nationalities joined in deeper bonds of unity each time it was performed.

    We too are filled with hope as we sing, "Let There Be Peace On Earth." Our longing for peace is matched by our memory of God's promise in Psalm 29:11, "The Lord will bless His people with peace."

Lucy N. Adams                 March  2014                                       

The Mountaineer

Reprinted with permission.

While this song has become more or less a modern traditional Christmas song, as you have just read, it didn’t start out that way. We should think of and recite these words in our hearts and minds regularly throughout the year, not just at Christmas.